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Venture capital & private equity

Financing young companies

Demand for direct investment opportunities in young companies outside the stock market is rising steadily, but standardized offers from banks and investment advisors miss the mark. Financing problems occur particularly often in the growth phase with financing requirements of EUR 10-20 million. Here BankM offers intelligent investment models and proven networks and contributes to keeping technologies in Europe through pre-IPO investments with a clear valuation and potential exit scenarios.

  • Direct investments in interesting growth companies on the basis of attractive valuations
  • Co-investments within reliable networks with industry-oriented deal-captains
  • Cooperation with investment companies, universities and high-net-worth private investors
  • Thought-out structures ensure the congruence of all parties
  • Fair performance fee instead of expensive and performance-independent fees as with standardized products

Current investment opportunities

  • Cost leader for thermal energy (direct investment/later stage)
  • Video conferencing with high-bandwidth real-time communication technology (direct investment/later stage)
  • Digitization company for microscopy workflows (direct investment/later stage)
  • LegalTech platform for data-driven aggregation, funding and efficient mass litigation for consumers and businesses
  • Technology leader in audio transmission paths (direct investment/later stage)
  • Technology leader for functional surface coating and metallization processes (early stage)
  • Various other direct investment opportunities (early stage/later stage) in different sectors (industry, technology, software/IT)

If you are interested in one of these investment opportunities, please contact us at +49 69 71 91 838-20. Your contact person is Mr. Joachim Schweinfurth.


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