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10, 2021

All for One Group SE News of 10 December 2021

Final figures for financial year 2020/21

On course for growth // First sustainability report to be published

  • Sales: EUR 372.9 million (up 5% year on year)
  • Ratio of recurring revenues increases to 53% (prior year: 52%)
  • EBIT: EUR 20.6 million (up 7% year on year), EBIT margin: 5.5% (prior year: 5.4%)
  • Result for the period: EUR 13.5 million (up 3% year on year)
  • Distribution quota: 53% (prior year: 46%)
  • Dividend proposal: EUR 1.45 per share (prior year: EUR 1.20 per share)
  • Strong demand for CONVERSION/4 projects for transformation to SAP S/4HANA
  • Sustainability established as a key strategic initiative

Filderstadt, 10 December 2021 – Following the supervisory board meeting at which the financial statements were approved, All for One Group SE, leading consulting and IT group, publishes its final (IFRS) figures for the period from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021 today, together with its first-ever sustainability report.

Key figures for financial year 2020/21 and Q4 2020/21

in EUR millions FY
FY 2019/20 +/- Q4/2021 Q4/2020 +/-
Sales 372.9 355.4 5% 92.5 88.1 5%
Cloud Services and Support 85.7 77.1 11% 22.3 20.1 11%
Software Licenses and Support 134.5 134.8 0% 32.8 32.8 0%
Consulting and Services 152.7 143.5 6% 37.5 35.1 7%
EBITDA 42.1 41.3 2% 10.2 10.3 -1%
EBIT 20.6 19.3 7% 4.8 4.8 -1%
EBIT margin (%) 5.5% 5.4% 5.2% 5.5%
Result for the period 13.5 13.1 3% 3.0 3.7 -18%
Earnings per share (EUR) 2.68 2.55 5% 0.60 0.70 -14%
Balance sheet total 264.9 250.7 6% 264.9 250.7 6%
Cash and cash equivalents 75.0 69.1 9% 75.0 69.1 9%
Equity ratio 35% 35% 35% 35%

The preliminary figures have been confirmed. Following robust growth in recurring revenues from its cloud services & support (plus 11% to EUR 85.7 million) and software support (plus 2% to EUR 111.5 million) sales, this key performance indicator totalling EUR 197.3 million (plus 6%) now accounts for 53% (2019/20: 52%) of total revenue. Group sales posted organic growth to EUR 372.9 million (plus 5%) and EBIT increased to EUR 20.6 million (plus 7%).

The trend towards cloud transformation is continuing and demand for the comprehensive CONVERSION/4 model designed by All for One Group is witnessing strong demand from both existing and new customers. The transformation solution »Rise with SAP« is perfectly integrated in Conversion/4. It is boosting growth and ensuring a full pipeline of orders. The good progress we have been making in expanding new products and services – in the fields of IoT & machine learning, cybersecurity & compliance or new work & collaboration, for example – and our growing access to the larger midmarket pushed CORE (ERP and collaboration solutions) segment sales up by 4% to EUR 311.7 million. As All for One Group SE CEO Lars Landwehrkamp explains: »The response to our CONVERSION/4 model is enormous. Every week we are convincing new customers to join us in the transformation process to SAP 4/HANA and on the journey into the cloud. We are therefore all the more pleased that the integration process in Poland is progressing so well. After all, we urgently need the support of our colleagues at All for One Poland.«

Recurring cloud subscriptions in the LOB (lines of business) segment – where sales increased by 5% to EUR 76.8 million – are increasing the scalability of the business model and offer additional margin potential in the future.

The acquisition of blue-zone AG, effective 1 December 2021, with its mobile, cloud-based solutions for managing the sales force will expand the customer experience portfolio of the Group and thus the LOB segment. In addition, All for One Group will be able to further drive its product business with the support of blue-zone’s development expertise.

As Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO of All for One Group, summarises: »The acquisition is a win-win situation for everyone involved. I see huge synergies and am delighted about our newest addition to the Group. 2021 was a strong year. After our purchases of SNP Poland (name already changed to All for One Poland) and Swiss ASC Group, blue-zone AG perfectly rounds off our successful acquisitions this year«.

EBITDA totalled EUR 42.1 million EUR (2019/20: EUR 41.3 million), up 2%. The EBIT margin was 5.5% (2019/20: 5.4%). EBT totalled EUR 19.3 million (plus 8%), while the earnings for the period amounted to EUR 13.5 million (plus 3%), and earnings per share to EUR 2.68 EUR (plus 5%).

The balance sheet total increased by 6% to EUR 264.9 million. Cash and cash equivalents rose from EUR 69.1 million to 75.0 million. Cash flow from operating activities decreased to EUR 34.8 million (2019/20: EUR 41.4 million). As of 30 September 2021, the equity ratio was an unchanged 35%, while the headcount increased to 1,991 (30 Sep 2020: 1,841).

The company plans to propose payment of a dividend of EUR 1.45 per share to the annual general meeting on 16 March 2022. Relative to Group earnings after tax of EUR 13.5 million in financial year 2020/21 (2019/20: EUR 13.1 million), this equates to a distribution quota of 53% (2019/20: 46%).

The huge significance of sustainability has been firmly anchored in the values and actions of All for One Group for quite some time. Now the company is publishing its first-ever sustainability report on 15 December 2021. »We want to be sure that our customers are fully aware that All for One Group focuses on sustainability, including its relevance for our markets and customers. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a key area requiring our actions. After all, it is digital technologies and processes that help to anchor sustainable practices in the business units«, explains Michael Zitz, CSO of All for One Group.

Inorganic growth from the acquisitions effective after the reporting date, as well as the expected continued high demand from customers, will have a positive impact on the Group’s revenue growth. Overall, All for One Group expects sales of between EUR 430 million and 450 million in financial year 2021/22, and EBIT in a range from EUR 24 million to 26 million. The biggest risk facing delivery of this guidance is posed by renewed setbacks in economic development. »We are holding firm to our guidance and currently focusing keenly on integrating our acquisitions. Building on this, and looking ahead to the momentum arising from future CONVERSION/4 transformation projects (migration to SAP S/4HANA), we are working on new mid-term goals.« All for One Group CFO Stefan Land confirms the guidance issued in November.

All for One Group SE will be publishing its finalised consolidated financial statements for financial year 2020/21 and its sustainability report as scheduled on 15 December 2021 to coincide with the financial statements press conference.

About the company

All for One Group SE is taking its customers’ competitiveness in the digital world to the next level. The Group unites strategic and management consulting, process consulting, industry insight and technology expertise, IT consulting and services under one roof. With market leading business software solutions based on SAP, Microsoft and IBM together with more than 2,500 experts, All for One Group SE orchestrates all aspects of competitive strength: strategy, business model, customer & employee experience, new work, big data & analytics, but also IoT, artificial intelligence or cybersecurity & compliance and intelligent ERP as the digital core. The leading consulting and IT group supports more than 3,000 clients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland in their business transformation.
All for One Group SE achieved sales of EUR 373 million in financial year 2020/21 and is listed in the Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


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