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Relationship banking

Relationship banking for the capital markets

We are convinced that the good, traditional principles of a principal bank, such as

  • Trust and transparency,
  • integrity and a sense of responsibility, and
  • long-term business relationships

are the key factors for creating lasting value for issuers, investors and intermediaries and for achieving lasting success as a bank on the capital market.

  • Contrary to Anglo-American investment banking
  • Conflict-free design of the triangular relationship investor-enterprise-bank
  • Relation business instead of transaction business
  • Consolidation of all competencies in an integrated process

The definition of success as a long-term is the positive development of our customers.

BankM’s relationship banking

We do not simply accompany singular transactions of companies, but companies in all of their transactions.

A relationship bank is a long-term financial partner of the company, familiar with the enterpreneur and connected through personal ties. Particularly in the current crisis of confidence, this is the right approach for a stable partnership and the creation of trust in the capital markets. What has long been true in the traditional lending business, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, is in our opinion also the right approach on the capital market. Only with a stable partnership and established trust can all interests be successfully bundled in the triangular relationship between investor, company and bank.

In a world of increasing volatility and ever-shorter holding periods, this is more true than ever. In Germany, investment banking focuses on transactions rather than client relationships – regardless whether the players are major banks or brokers. The performance of a bank and the success of its transactions are measured by parameters such as placement volume, commission fees and number of transactions. Apparently the motto is: the more the merrier. But if “success” really means “success for the bank”, it’s hardly surprising that companies often feel let down.

Our definition of success is far broader. For us success includes ensuring that the companies we work with enjoy lasting success on the capital market. That means, a rise in their share price, adequate trading in their shares and realistic market expectations. We define our success by the capital market success of the companies we serve. We see a company’s success as our success because our reputation is linked to its name. As a bank that wants to go on supporting companies years after they have come to the market, we share common goals that go well beyond the short-term success of a single capital market transaction.

After a transaction is like before the transaction

Investors and the public expect a consistent willingness to provide information and information quality even after the first steps on the capital market. As a long-term partner to the company and its investors, we are “close to the company and the investor”, understand both sides and are able to act at all times.

That’s why our principle has always been to integrate all capital market services in a networked team — all from a single source. This way, no information is lost, the coordination of the overall process is noticeably facilitated and the probability of success of a transaction is significantly increased. By providing intensive support for all preparatory measures in the run-up to an IPO, bond issue or any other capital measure, we get to know your company and your needs in detail, making us the right partner for your future stock market life. Our goal is to offer our clients a reliable partnership in the capital market that goes far beyond the mere execution of transactions

Long-term relationships are the basis for trust and stability

We build up relationships with our clients, business partners and investors over many years. Trust evolves from a long-term relationship based on integrity. Trust has to be earned and nurtured. It is rooted in consistency and personal relationships. We are an established team of professionals who have worked together successfully for more than fifteen years. All our staff are dedicating to acting as strategic advisors to our clients to help them achieve their long-term goals.

Capital Market Partner

Since 2007, BankM is the partner of listed and non-listed SMEs (turnover < EUR 500m) at the capital markets:

Experience from more than 40 IPOs, 30 bond isuues and hundreds of other capital market transactions (M&A, Debt, PE) allows to make the right decisions.

Integrated interdisciplinary teams make the work efficient.

Connections to transparent trading platforms and market access ensure liquidity.

Equity base and risk aversion of the bank untypically high for the industry creates room for maneuver.

Extensive database of capital market addresses with an interest in German SMEs secure access to investors.

Focus on core competencies creates cost advantages.

Long-term partnerships with established market participants transport trust.

What our customers say about BankM

“Distinguished by a wealth of experience in all types of equity market services and therefore always the right sparring partner, even in challenging situations.”

Stefan Land (Member of the management board / CFO, All for One Group SE)

“In 2019, BankM has not only given us the confidence that the IPO will take place, but has also provided us with imaginative and energetic support to continue along the path we have chosen despite all the difficulties. Even after the successful IPO, BankM remains a trusted partner at our side”.

Sylvia Bardach (Former member of the management board / CFO, FREQUENTIS AG)

“Our IPO in 2005, several capital increases, road shows, investor conferences and more! We are always convinced by the high competence of the consultations of a motivated and cooperative team.”

Jörg Polis (former CEO, ifa systems AG)

“The close and cooperative partnership with BankM over many years was decisive in ensuring that our capital increase could be implemented so quickly and successfully, even in a very challenging capital market environment!”

Thomas H. Günther (Chairman of the Management Board, CEO CeoTronics AG)

“Inspiring, trustworthy and sincere professionals; advice and recommendations we trust.”


“BankM has been our partner in all capital market matters for over 10 years. A well-functioning team whose highly competent answers we greatly appreciate. Reliability and trust characterize the cooperation.”

Dr. Frank Wermeyer (Member of the management board Binect AG)

“Someone who knows us very well and always takes our questions seriously, regardless of market conditions and the general sentiment.”

Oliver Trompke (Former CEO, Travel Viva AG)

“I joined the supervisory board of BankM because I like their very unique value proposition and their long term perspective. This is truly rare in the investment banking arena.”

Ohad Finkelstein (Entrepreneur and businessperson, Founder of Danli Capital Ltd., Crescent Point Group and Marker Financial Advisors Israel Ltd. Mr. Finkelstein is on the board of 15+ other companies.)


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