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IPOs & listings

For us, going public starts well before a company actually comes to the market. That is, because an IPO (if new shares will be offered for sale, so-called “Initial Public Offering – IPO”, if not mostly “listing”) is a strategical project that needs professional planning.

What are the requirements for a stock market listing?

Any company considering an IPO has to address questions such as: Are we ready to go public? What are the requirements for a stock market listing? Does the company have sufficient capital? Is a pre-IPO financing round always a good idea? So it’s good to have a partner with the right experience, a partner that is prepared to assist you in the next steps and that can provide appropriate coaching. We can help prepare your company for an IPO by offering feasibility advice, helping to create your company’s eligibility for quotation on the stock exchange and arranging pre-IPO financing from suitable investors.For us, that is a fundamental part of the careful preparation required for an IPO.

It is highly likely that your company will only go public once! That makes it especially important to choose an experienced partner who will remain on board throughout the process. Partners who will not jump ship later if the going gets rougher. You need a reliable partner who is prepared to offer you 100% support to make sure your initial public offering or listing is a success. After all, IPOs and listings are a matter of trust. Only a successful IPO/listing can benefit everyone involved: your company, your investors and your bank.

How does an IPO become succesful?

Does your company operate in an attractive market? Do you have an established business model and clearly defined USP? Will you be able to generate attractive returns for your investors in the medium term? Are you prepared to communicate actively and openly with the financial community? If so, we can help you achieve your objectives on the stock market.

Our team has long-standing professional experience of the German capital markets, so you can be sure that our personalised service will prepare you and your company to meet the demands of the German market.

Which market segment is the right one?

Every company is unique. That’s why individual advice is important – by the way not only before an IPO/listing but especially afterwards. Starting from your objectives, we will work with you to identify the most suitable market segment for your company. As an all-round service-provider, we can take over all the necessary groundwork for you.

As well as the “technical side” of a stock market listing, we can develop a coherent issue concept and provide extensive advice on how to handle interviews with journalists from leading financial media. Our services include visiting potential national and international investors with you (road shows). Roadshows and ongoing information are based on the securities prospectus we prepare for you and a full research report issued by our bank.

What happens after the IPO?

For us, a successful IPO does not end when your company is listed on the market. We provide continuing support, from supporting your stock in liquid XETRA®-trading (so-called Designated Sponsoring) to distributing research and to organising regular roadshows to maintain contact with investors and attract new shareholders. That ensures you remain “in touch” with investors and raises your company’s visibility – in good times and in bad, because the stock exchange is not a one-way street. Active, open and credible communication is the only way to uphold your reputation on the capital market. That creates the basis for a successful long-term relationship with investors.
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Overview of our services:

  • Identification of suitable pre-IPO investors
  • Evaluation of company’s stock exchange readiness
  • Preparation for stock exchange readiness
  • Capital market coaching
  • IPO project management
  • Structuring and drafting the equity story
  • Preparing an issuing and share placement concept
  • Support in due diligence procedures
  • Support in the preparation of a securities prospectus
  • Communication and coordination with the necessary authorities (BaFin, stock exchange)
  • Formation a consortium to place shares
  • Preparing corporate presentations that meet the needs of the capital markets
  • Preparing a fair and transparent analysis of your company to establish its value
  • Intensive introduction to capital market communication and the demands made on public companies (management/investor relations)
  • Preparing and organising a roadshow for all relevant stock market media
  • Pre-marketing: roadshow to establish contact with potential investors in Germany and abroad
  • Press conference and analysts’ meeting
  • Active marketing of the IPO via specialist multipliers
  • Advice on the selection of external service providers and conclusion of contracts with them
  • Technical aspects of the transaction (incl. over-allotment-option/greenshoe)
  • Submission of applications (all German stock exchanges, Vienna Stock Exchange, Bourse de Luxembourg)
  • Deutsche Boerse AG Capital Market Partner (“Scale” segment)
  • Issuing Expert for the Munich stock exchange (m:access)
  • direct market plus partner (Vienna Stock Exchange)
  • Capital Market Partner Primary Market (Duesseldorf Stock Exchange)


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